The Killing

Series 2 - 10. The Killing II

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Detectives Lund and Strange are in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, to quiz a suspect. But on the way back to the airport Lund (looking very fetching with combat fatigues over her best jumper despite the baking heat) insists on a detour.

What emerges is truly shocking, rocking the investigation into the serial killer who is remorselessly pursuing members of a Danish army squad implicated in the execution of Afghan civilians. Fingers are also being pointed right at the very top of the Danish government as the redoubtable justice minister and loose cannon, Buch, doggedly pursues the truth.

It’s the final thrilling two episodes in what seems, after the 20 instalments of The Killing series one, a brutally short run. But you’ll forget any niggles about brevity as Lund
at last learns the identity of the murderer. The final half-hour is electrifying with tense confrontations and one final, totally unexpected blow. It will leave you shattered. Brilliant.

About this programme

10/10. Lund and Strange return from Afghanistan with seemingly undeniable evidence, but Brix and his team are trying to come to terms with important new discoveries about the case. Meanwhile, Raben and Jarnvig are forced to work together to keep Louise out of danger, and rumour spreads of plans for a cabinet reshuffle - just as Buch begins to suspect someone has led him astray. Danish detective drama, starring Sofie Grabol. Last in the series.

Cast and crew


Sarah Lund
Sofie Grabol
Thomas Buch
Nicolas Bro
Karina Munk Jorgensen
Charlotte Guldberg
Carsten Plough
Preben Kristensen
Jens Peter Raben
Ken Vedsegaard
Louise Raben
Stine Praetorius
Torsten Jarnvig
Flemming Enevold
Lennart Brix
Morten Suurballe
Ulrik Strange
Mikael Birkkjaer
Ruth Hedeby
Lotte Andersen
Gert Grue Eriksen
Kurt Ravn
Erling Krabbe
Jens Jacob Tychsen
Christian Sogaard
Carsten Bjornlund
Said Bilal
Igor Radosavljevic
Janus Nabil Bakrawi
General Arild
Finn Nielsen
Gitta Spalding
Julie Carlsen
Vibeke Lund
Anne Marie Helger
Asger Reher
Jonas Raben
Tobias Krohn


Kristoffer Nyholm
Michael W Horsten
Soren Sveistrup