Live at the Apollo

Series 7 - 4. Andy Parsons, Andrew Lawrence and Milton Jones

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David Butcher

Tonight's host Andy Parsons introduces Milton Jones as "the master of the one liner". The wild-haired Jones has raised wordplay to the level of fine art, each gag constructed as lovingly as a crossword clue. He marches on stage wearing a loud shirt and a quizzical expression, declaiming with long pauses: "Somewhere… between murder... and suicide...there is a place called… Merseyside." A line he can only top with a joke about the pope and cats, which it takes the audience about five seconds to get.

Parsons himself delivers a well-tooled routine that's more political than you usually get on this show, but it works, even if Parsons always sounds like he's about to explode.

About this programme

4/8. Andy Parsons hosts the stand-up show recorded at London's Hammersmith Apollo, inviting comedians Andrew Lawrence and Milton Jones to share their light-hearted views on modern life.

Cast and crew


Andy Parsons
Andrew Lawrence
Milton Jones


Paul Wheeler
Series Producer
Anthony Caveney

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