The Ultimate Guide to Penny Pinching

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

You don't want to be standing behind Judith at the supermarket checkout as she deals out coupons like a cut-price croupier. After one shop she spends £65.60, but the figure is slashed to just £5.56 when she hands over coupon after coupon after ruddy coupon.

Judith loves coupons and free offers so much she even buys things she doesn't like. Then there are the cheap, microwave beefburgers she buys in bulk. "Slop," says one of her cheerfully long-suffering kids.

But Judith is not alone, as this sort-of-affectionate but slightly finger-pointing "look at the freaks" Cutting Edge reveals.

About this programme

Cutting Edge takes a light-hearted look at the lives of some of the UK's thriftiest people, including midwife Judith, who can reduce a supermarket bill from £50 to less than a fiver. Also featured are bride-to-be Rebekah, who is determined to economise on her big day by getting her mother to make her dress, and cost-cutter Jonathan claims he saves £1,500 a year by replacing meat from the butcher with road-kill when friends come to dinner. Part of Super Saver Season.

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Jon Connerty
Executive Producer
Lucy Willis
Jon Connerty