Royal Pains

Series 2 - 2. Lovesick

Radio Times
Review by:
Mark Braxton

In the same way that Jessica Fletcher was the kiss of death in Murder, She Wrote, superdoc Hank Lawson is TV’s kiss of life. A diagnostician to rival Gregory House, Hank is always on hand to solve bizarre medical conundrums and pluck solutions from his planet-
sized brain. Such a formula could prove irksome, but the neat-as-ninepence approach works, thanks mainly to the genial leads.

An STD whodunnit and a serious case of lovesickness help put the show back in the groove after last week’s blip, and adding to the fun is a semi-regular gig for Henry “the Fonz” Winkler as Hank’s scoundrel father Eddie. Thumbs up all round.

About this programme

2/18. Newberg's step-daughter turns up at the hospital with a condition directly related to her romantic woes, and Divya tries to bring romance into her relationship with Raj.

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Hank Lawson
Mark Feuerstein
Evan Lawson
Paulo Costanzo
Jill Casey
Jill Flint
Divya Katdare
Reshma Shetty