World War II: The Last Heroes

Series 1 - Episode 6

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

In the last few months of the war, as the Allies fought their way towards Berlin, the horrors continued and thousands died. In the final, very emotional, programme of the series we hear a graphic description of what it was like flying the last bombing mission over Germany and some startling revelations about how a few soldiers took revenge on the Nazis, with no feelings of remorse.

Then there was the shock of what the soldiers saw when they liberated the concentration camps. “For 50 years I didn’t talk about it,” says Morton Waitzman, who was one of the first into Bergen-Belsen. “The horror of it just doesn’t go away.”

About this programme

6/6. Veterans of the conflict discuss the Allies' arrival at the River Rhine, the last obstacle between them and their ultimate goal - Berlin. Bill Ryan recalls crossing the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen when the Germans tried to blow it up, and Patrick Delaforce remembers the thousands of dead bodies he encountered in the village of Belsen. Jacov Krenin explains how he fired Katyusha rockets as the Russian army advanced.

Cast and crew


Executive Producer
Paul Wooding
Series Producer
Jeremy Llewllyn-Jones