Ice Road Truckers

Series 5 - 10. Rookie Rebellion

Rookie Rebellion

About this programme

10/16. The blizzard has left Lisa Kelly stranded in Prudhoe Bay for four days, so Dave Redmon, Tony Molesky and Maya Sieber are sent to deliver much-needed supplies to people in her situation. However, the proposed convoy doesn't go to plan when at the first opportunity, Dave decides to leave the other two behind. Meanwhile, Hugh Rowland and Rick Yemm finally manage to navigate the uncharted roads and deliver their fuel tanks in Muskrat Dam, but Rick forgets to collect a signature from the recipient and is forced to make a 50-mile return drive.

Cast and crew


Executive Producer
Gayle Gilman
Executive Producer
Jeff Conroy
Executive Producer
Thom Beers
Executive Producer
Philip David Segal
Series Producer
Gayle Gilman

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