Land Girls

Series 3 - 4. Farewell My Lovely

About this programme

4/5. Channing refuses to tell Ellen he has been seeing Esther at the manor, and John decides to reveal the truth to Joyce. Danny threatens to hurt Henry if Connie does not help with his planned robbery, while Frank has a fight with Walter when he learns Iris is clearing dead rats from the barn.

Cast and crew


Dr Channing
Dominic Mafham
Esther Reeves
Susan Cookson
Lady Ellen Hoxley
Sophie Ward
Joyce Fisher
Becci Gemmell
John Fisher
Nicholas Shaw
Connie Carter
Seline Hizli
Martin Reeves
Mykola Allen
Danny Sparks
Joe Armstrong
Frank Tucker
Paul Ritter
Walter Storey
Samuel Edward-Cook
Iris Dawson
Lou Broadbent
Ellis Harper
Bill Fellows
Rev Henry Jameson
Gwilym Lee
Inspector West
Simon Chandler
Clifford Molloy
Alan Morrissey
Frederick Finch
Mark Benton
Mrs Gulliver
Carolyn Pickles
Everard Proctor
Edward Petherbridge
Truck driver
John Kirk
Vernon Storey
David Schofield


Steve Hughes
Ella Kelly
Joy Wilkinson