Ice Road Truckers

Series 5 - 9. Road to Nowhere

Road to Nowhere

About this programme

9/16. Following her demotion from heavy haul status, Lisa Kelly is determined to regain the confidence of the Carlile bosses, and forces herself to complete a delivery in spite of a dangerous blizzard. But as a huge white-out descends, she is left completely unable to see oncoming vehicles. Will she and her goods make it out unscathed? Elsewhere, on their first job for Polar Industries, Rick Yemm and Hugh Rowland set off to an isolated Indian reserve and take two wrong turns, but have no means of communicating with civilisation, while Maya Sieber is given her own truck.

Cast and crew


Executive Producer
Jeff Conroy
Executive Producer
Gayle Gilman
Executive Producer
Thom Beers
Executive Producer
Philip David Segal
Series Producer
Gayle Gilman

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