Doc Martin

Series 5 - 8. Ever After

Ever After
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Radio Times
Review by:
Jack Seale

Some things never change for Doc Martin. The sun always shines. The people of Portwenn always bring him a supply of interesting maladies. And in the series finale he’s always seen speeding past tractors in his fancy silver saloon car, averting
a crisis that’s inconveniently happening out of town.

So it is tonight, as a long-term supporting character suddenly gets their moment in the spotlight via a slightly creaky personality change. At the end of a faintly disturbing but cosily predictable caper, there’s a clever and rather lovely tidying up of frayed ends.
You know where we’re going, but it’s how they get us there.

More importantly, achingly stupid PC Joe Penhale (John Marquez), who’s already one of the funniest characters on telly, really ups his game when there’s genuine peril about.

About this programme

8/8. Mrs Tishell decides she can no longer hide her love for Martin and, fuelled by a cocktail of drugs, takes drastic action. While James Henry is in her care, she boards a bus out of Portwenn and leaves a message for Dr Ellingham to `meet them at the castle', forcing Martin, Louisa, Ruth and PC Penhale to mount a desperate search for the pair. Starring Martin Clunes, Selina Cadell and Caroline Catz.

Cast and crew


Dr Martin Ellingham
Martin Clunes
Louisa Glasson
Caroline Catz
Bert Large
Ian McNeice
Al Large
Joe Absolom
PC Penhale
John Marquez
Mrs Tishell
Selina Cadell
Morwenna Newcross
Jessica Ransom
Ruth Ellingham
Eileen Atkins
Eleanor Glasson
Louise Jameson
Clive Tishell
Malcolm Storry
Mallory Wilson
Louise Ford
Michael Wilson
Jamie Davis
Jamie Di Spirito
Stephen Ventura
Pippa Woodley
Buffy Davis
Elderly patient
Maryann Turner
Joanna Hole


Ben Bolt
Executive Producer
Mark Crowdy
Philippa Braithwaite
Jack Lothian