Series 10 - Episode 6

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Ah, Spooks, it’s so hard to say goodbye and this final parting as the series ends for ever is particularly painful for so many reasons. You can pretty much forget about the central plot-of-the-week (a bald Russian villain is going to destroy London — men with hair are never evil in TV thrillers). It’s better to just concentrate on our old friends at The Grid: Harry and Ruth.

Theirs is one of the great unfulfilled loves in television history, a painful catalogue of longing, of almosts and should-haves, of lost and stolen moments. Fans will want to know whether, at last, their romance is resolved and if they wander, hand in hand, into a happy future together.

Well, I’m not going to tell you. I’m not going to say very much at all, in fact, just insist that you are equipped for a belting finale, a couple of tremendous, jaw-dropping surprises, some jokes and a nice layer of tension. Oh, and you’ll need someone to prop you up afterwards, as you’ll be blinded by tears and won’t able to find your way out of the living room.

About this programme

6/6. Harry faces deportation to America, so he agrees to go quietly on the condition that the signing of the alliance between the UK and Russia be brought forward. But when Elena confides in Ruth that she has information about an imminent attack on the UK, Section D have no choice but to break their boss out of CIA custody. With all the main players assembled, the stage is set for a highly dramatic climax to the long-running spy drama.

Cast and crew


Harry Pearce
Peter Firth
Ruth Evershed
Nicola Walker
Dimitri Levendis
Max Brown
Erin Watts
Lara Pulver
Calum Reed
Geoffrey Streatfeild
Sasha Gavrik
Tom Weston-Jones
Elena Gavrik
Alice Krige
Ilya Gavrik
Jonathan Hyde
Home Secretary (W Towers)
Simon Russell Beale
Pavel Zykov
Andrew Byron
Mikhail Levrov
Jeffry Wickham
X-ray operator
Irena Michi
CIA officer
Leemore Marrett Jr
Estate agent
Nicola King
Chief of airstaff
David Cann
Flight attendant
Ursula Valentinovich
FSB officer
Vincent Montuel
Young Harry
Sam Reid
Young Elena
Jenni Herzberg


Bharat Nalluri
Chris Fry
Jonathan Brackley
Sam Vincent