Beeny's Restoration Nightmare

Series 2 - Episode 2

Beeny's Restoration Nightmare
Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

While the dispute between Sarah Beeny, her husband Graham and the East Riding of Yorkshire planning department rumbles on, another equally pressing problem (an overpopulation of rabbits) is solved relatively easily… with a shotgun.

But that’s not an option where the council are concerned, so Beeny turns her attention instead to the restoration of two of Rise Hall’s grander rooms. They’ve spent ten years trying to decide what colour to paint the walls, so she asks “Prince of Paint” David Oliver for advice and then – as countless amateur property developers have done to her in the past – promptly ignores it.

About this programme

2/6. Sarah Beeny and her husband Graham Swift tackle two of the grandest rooms in the property - the morning and drawing rooms. The task to restore the elaborate plasterwork and features on a tight schedule proves daunting, as the duo struggle to cope with their daily commitments and a dispute with the local council.

Cast and crew


Sarah Beeny


Executive Producer
Sue Davidson
Series Director
Kim Maddever
Series Producer
Kurt Seywald