Ice Road Truckers

Series 5 - 7. A Banged-Up Job

A Banged-Up Job

About this programme

7/16. Tony Molesky and Lisa Kelly continue to haul their prefabricated buildings, but a wagon coming in the opposite direction pushes Lisa off the track and into a ditch. Hugh Rowland is delivering 25 tons of critical supplies to the remote village of Lac Brochet with Rick Yemm, but already has two flat tyres and the load is pressing down on the other wheels. At the Carlile depot in Fairbanks, Maya Sieber hopes to drive the full length of the Dalton Highway for the first time on her own, while in Manitoba, Alex Debogorski comes to the rescue of a stranded family.

Cast and crew


Executive Producer
Jeff Conroy
Executive Producer
Gayle Gilman
Executive Producer
Thom Beers
Executive Producer
Philip David Segal
Series Producer
Gayle Gilman

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