Grand Designs

Series 11 - Episode 6

Grand Designs
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Uh-oh, here we go again. Someone who wants to make the perfect house out of something that isn’t a house in the first place. In this case stonemason Adam Purchase, who has cherished a life-long dream to turn one of Cornwall’s old silver mine engine houses into a home.

Luckily for Adam his partner Nicola spotted a run-down Grade II listed building already equipped with planning permission for conversion. What follows is an increasingly typical account of austerity-version Grand Designs. Gone are the days when banks hurled money at starry-eyed developers. So Adam and Nicola have to work to the tightest of budgets, and we all know that Grand Designs budgets are not in the least bit elastic. Soon it’s all draining away…

About this programme

6/12. Stonemason Adam Purchase and his partner Nicola Brennan try to restore a dilapidated Grade II-listed silver-mine engine-house in Cornwall. With a budget of £100,000, Adam takes a year off work to transform the property into a new home, but has to rely on favours to complete the project before he runs out of time.

Cast and crew


Kevin McCloud


Executive Producer
Charlie Bunce
Series Producer
Madeleine Hall