Colouring Light: Brian Clarke - An Artist Apart

Colouring Light: Brian Clarke - An Artist Apart
Radio Times
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Geoff Ellis

You can look at a gallery’s worth of films about art without ever seeing any creativity, so this celebration of stained-glass artist Brian Clarke is a joy. Not only do we hear what he thinks about his work, we actually watch him drawing: you can see what his architect friend Zaha Hadid means about the precision of his hand. Equally a trip to the glass works in Munich is fascinating.

But it’s Clarke himself who emerges not just as a fine artist, but as an engaging, plain speaker who cuts to the heart of the matter. Not many of us will have heard of him before, but on the evidence of this gorgeous, revealing film, he’s created a unique role for himself as artist-magician.

Also in the world of craft, at 9pm the second instalment of Ceramics: a Fragile History traces the rise of Josiah Wedgwood and the importance of the Potteries.

About this programme

A profile of the Oldham-born painter and stained-glass artist, whose creations have featured in buildings by architects including Norman Foster and Arata Isozaki. He returns to Lancashire, where he recalls his working-class upbringing, and tells the story of his rise to international fame. The film features many of his most famous works, as well as contributions by art historian Martin Harrison and architects Zaha Hadid and Peter Cook.

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