Have I Got News for You

Series 42 - Episode 1

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

It’s the big daddy, the elder statesman of satire shows. As Panorama is to current events, Have I Got News for You is to taking the mickey out of them.

Other shows (Mock the Week, say) may be faster-paced and more densely packed with gags but this is the satire show of record, the point on a Friday night where politicians and celebrities are enjoyably cut down to size and media storms dispatched with a curl of Ian Hislop’s lip or a surreal quip from Paul Merton.

For the first of this new ten-part run — their 42nd — Jo Brand is tonight’s guest host

About this programme

1/11. New series. Jo Brand asks the questions as the comedy news quiz returns, with Ian Hislop and Paul Merton joined by Father Ted writer Graham Linehan and champion poker player Victoria Coren to poke fun at the past few weeks' news stories.

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Jo Brand
Team captain
Paul Merton
Team captain
Ian Hislop
Graham Linehan
Victoria Coren


Lissa Evans
Mark Barrett