DCI Banks

Series 1 - 5. Cold Is the Grave - Part One

Cold Is the Grave - Part One
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Review by:
David Butcher

One character tonight gives our hero the nickname “Angry Alan”. Fair enough (he’s got a temper that could strip wallpaper), but the irony is that Banks is on his best behaviour, nipping down to London to run a personal errand for the Chief Super. He’s on the hunt for his boss’s daughter, who has gone AWOL just before her A-levels. But there’s something not quite right about the whole thing. And how, if at all, does it connect with an armed carjacking? We won’t find out until next week but Banks’s corrupt, shades-of-grey world is always a gripping place to spend an hour.

About this programme

5/6. Part one of two. The detective is drawn into the criminal underworld of Soho when he reluctantly accepts an unofficial request from Chief Superintendent Rydell to find his missing daughter. Meanwhile, an armed robbery in Eastvale turns into a murder investigation after the perpetrator is found dead in his home and when a battered body is found in a local nightclub, the identity of the victim leads Banks and Cabbot to a devastating realisation about both cases.

Cast and crew


DCI Banks
Stephen Tompkinson
DS Annie Cabbot
Andrea Lowe
DS Winsome Jackman
Lorraine Burroughs
DC Ken Blackstone
Jack Deam
CS Rydell
Colin Tierney
Anna Wilson-Jones
Ruth Walker
Ellie Jacob
Niall Gilbert
Andonis Anthony
Barry Clough
Terence Maynard
Emily Rydell
Scarlett Patterson
Tony Grimes
James Boyland
Ross Boatman
Charlie McKay
Sam Chapman
Brian Hurley
Adam Leese
Gemma Hepworth
Night porter
Paddy Fletcher
DS Rickert
Ross Armstrong
Crash-scene uniform
Scott Dyet
Diner manager
Samuel Anderson


Marek Losey
Executive Producer
Andy Harries
Executive Producer
Francis Hopkinson
Stephen Smallwood
Robert Murphy