DCI Banks

Series 2 - 3. Friend of the Devil - Part 1

Friend of the Devil - Part 1
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

A husband and wife arrive home from a wedding anniversary dinner to find their terrified daughter bound and gagged. Immediately the couple are set upon by a masked intruder who frogmarches dad out to the garage. There’s a gunshot and the dolorous Banks arrives to find a messy crime scene.

It’s a decent dramatisation of Peter Robinson’s novel, Dry Bones That Dream, backed by some gloomy and rainswept Leeds locations. Banks (Stephen Tompkinson) and his team learn that the dead man was a mild-mannered, tight-fisted and boring accountant who has left an oddly composed widow. But of course Banks and his DI (Caroline Catz) discover the tangled threads of a more complicated life.

About this programme

When Annie investigates the murder of a paralysed and disfigured woman found on the Moors with a slit throat, her first case as Senior Investigating Officer quickly becomes one...