Educating Essex

Series 1 - Episode 3

Educating Essex
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

Prepare to shed hot tears at the story of Vinni, a smart, charming, talented 15-year-old who goes careering off the rails when his parents split up. From being a diligent student Vinni has become a royal pain for his teachers at Passmores School, wandering in and out of lessons, ducking behind lockers, smoking, or watching Eminem videos when he’s supposed to be researching osteoblasts. What’s heartbreaking is watching how the head teacher, Mr Goddard, and Vinni’s favourite teacher, Miss Conway, try so patiently to give Vinni more chances, to be supportive, to warn him rather than exclude him - but if his behaviour and contempt is disrupting other students, how far can their patience go?

Superb filming, editing and music combine in a poignant parable of modern schooling.

About this programme

3/7. Headmaster Mr Goddard worries about the impact the marriage break-up of a pupil's parents is having on his academic results, and when some staff begin to question how far they can go to keep him in school, he is faced with a tough decision.

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Executive Producer
Andrew Mackenzie-Betty
Series Director
David Clews
Series Producer
Beejal-Maya Patel