Terra Nova

Series 1 - 3. Instinct

Radio Times
Review by:
Mark Braxton

Actor Stephen Lang’s ultra-reasonable project leader Nathaniel Taylor is a neat contrast with his pugnacious, pumped-up colonel in Avatar, which this loudly fanfared series often resembles — visually, at least. Anyway, Taylor and his hothead new recruit Jim must defend the colony from a swarm of pterosaurs. It’s like the set-up of Primeval, but with the action anchored in the late Cretaceous period rather than the modern day.

Spicing up the human drama, Jim’s wife Elizabeth (token Brit Shelley Conn) bumps into an ex who, it seems, was behind her recruitment in the first place. So it seems everyone’s in a flap this week.

About this programme

3/13. Taylor asks Jim to expose the Sixer mole, but a more pressing problem arises when three soldiers are found dead - their bodies ripped to shreds. Sci-fi drama, starring Jason O'Mara and Shelley Conn.

Cast and crew


Jim Shannon
Jason O'Mara
Elisabeth Shannon
Shelley Conn
Christine Adams
Allison Miller
Josh Shannon
Landon Liboiron
Maddy Shannon
Naomi Scott
Dr Malcolm Wallace
Rod Hallett
Zoe Shannon
Alana Mansour
Cdr Nathaniel Taylor
Stephen Lang
Lt Alicia Washington
Simone Kessell


Jon Cassar
Executive Producer
Steven Spielberg
Peter Chernin
Rene Echevarria
Brannon Braga