Would I Lie to You?

Series 5 - Episode 4

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

There are times when you wonder if this show wouldn’t work just as well as a head-to-head between David Mitchell and Lee Mack — everyone else is making up the numbers really, and they know it. You can imagine a programme where the two of them simply sat there and mocked each other’s different worlds, and a very funny show it would be.

But probably not as funny as this is, because it’s often the rogue elements that make it — such as Nigel Havers this week claiming he once went out with a flamenco dancer who turned out to be a man. Mack’s flights of fancy as he interrogates that story are inspired, as is Mitchell’s cross-examination of Charlie Brooker’s far-fetched Valentine’s Day anecdote. I mean, what kind of teenager was he?

About this programme

4/9. David Mitchell is joined by MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace and actor Nigel Havers, while Lee Mack teams up with writer and comedian Charlie Brooker and actress Nina Wadia, as the comedy panel show hosted by Rob Brydon continues.

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David Mitchell
Team Captain
Lee Mack
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Nigel Havers
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Peter Holmes
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Ruth Phillips
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Rachel Ablett