Doc Martin

Series 5 - 4. Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best
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Review by:
Alison Graham

Louisa’s thoughtless, feckless mother (Louise Jameson) arrives in Portwenn to meet her new grandchild. But granny isn’t welcome as it becomes obvious that Louisa and her mum have Big Issues from way, way back in Louisa’s childhood.

But that doesn’t stop Louisa, who seems to spend a disproportionate amount of time pushing that unwieldy pram around the village, from asking mum - who is smoking a fag at the time - to babysit. Yes, of course, it all goes a bit wrong. Meanwhile the Doc continues to change his new son’s nappies while wearing rubber gloves.

The only sane note is struck by splendid Auntie Ruth (the divine Eileen Atkins) who is very gamely making a go of the farm.

About this programme

4/8. Louisa's hippie mother Eleanor (Louise Jameson) arrives in the village, immediately taking over Martin's kitchen to prepare a herbal tonic, which she later gives to the baby to stop his crying. A culinary rivalry develops between Bert and Mark Bridge, the landlord of the Crab and Lobster pub, at Portwenn Fun Day, with both keen to take advantage of the event by providing food for the spectators.

Cast and crew


Dr Martin Ellingham
Martin Clunes
Louisa Glasson
Caroline Catz
Bert Large
Ian McNeice
Al Large
Joe Absolom
PC Penhale
John Marquez
Mrs Tishell
Selina Cadell
Morwenna Newcross
Jessica Ransom
Ruth Ellingham
Eileen Atkins
Eleanor Glasson
Louise Jameson
Mark Bridge
Tom Goodman-Hill
Mr Price
Richard Hainsworth
Chippy Miller
Rory Wilton
Bradley Hall


Ben Bolt
Executive Producer
Mark Crowdy
Philippa Braithwaite
Chris Hurford
Tom Butterworth