Series 1 - 2. Errors and Omissions

Errors and Omissions
Radio Times
Review by:
David Crawford

After last week’s opener set up the premise of hyper-intelligent college dropout Mike wangling a job at a swanky law firm, this week we’re dropped straight into the murky dealing of corporate law.

It’s all pretty dizzying stuff as Mike is buffeted between the demands of hard-nosed mentor Harvey and rival Louis Litt and the jealousy of his associates. As deal and counter-deal pile up, and blackmail and extortion rear their ugly heads, it seems that, though he may be incredibly intelligent, Mike just hasn’t got the nose for the tough world of law. It’s another slick slice of legal conniving peppered with punchy dialogue and decorated with alpha lawyers in sharp suits.

About this programme

2/12. Harvey finds his past coming back to haunt him when he is treated unfairly by a judge, while Louis reveals Mike failed his drugs test, and puts him in a moral dilemma. Legal drama, starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J Adams.

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Harvey Specter
Gabriel Macht
Mike Ross
Patrick J Adams