Law & Order: UK

Series 6 - 4. Trial

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

This is one of those byzantine, unspooling Law & Order plots. If you were to spell out the stages of the story from a bunch of youths bullying a postman in the opening scene to a coda in a care home, it would sound like the product of an unhinged mind (and unhinged minds are very much part of the picture). But the way the drama draws us through it, revelation by revelation, feels as if
it makes sense, more or less.

The only giveaway is when we see Toby Stephens briefly as a psychiatry professor: no character he plays will turn out to be minor, and as always, he adds a touch of class in a strange tale of fascists, big pharma and a murdered Jewish janitor.

About this programme

4/7. The murder of a caretaker has been so carefully planned and executed that the police are left without a single piece of evidence. Adding to the mystery is the fact that the crime is laid out in detail in a manual purchased three weeks earlier in the victim's name. Brooks and Casey eventually track down the killer, who confesses, but the trial is put in jeopardy by a canny defence lawyer. Guest starring Toby Stephens.

Cast and crew


Ronnie Brooks
Bradley Walsh
Sam Casey
Paul Nicholls
Natalie Chandler
Harriet Walter
Jacob Thorne
Dominic Rowan
Alesha Phillips
Freema Agyeman
Henry Sharpe
Peter Davison
Martin Middlebrook
Toby Stephens
Rachel Mathesson
Penny Downie
Simon Wells
Arthur Wilson
Julia Anstiss
Jeany Spark
Dr Roddy Armitage
George Anton
Sara Waldman
Seline Hizli
Annabel Mullion
Gordon Wells
Sam Graham
Mary Wells
Lucy Fleming
Tony Wright
Peter Silverleaf
Cal Donnally
Ged McKenna
Carl Prekopp
Rachel Bavidge
Haya Ngama
Amy Yamazaki
Nicholas Banks
Judge Richards
Crispin Redman
John Peters
Christopher Gilling
Guy Kerridge
Jerry Lindop
Lawrence Lambert
Gareth Williams
PET technician
Mike Sengelow
Liz Hallyburton


David O'Neill
Executive Producer
Dick Wolf
Executive Producer
Andrew Woodhead
Executive Producer
Stephen Garrett
Executive Producer
Jane Featherstone
Richard Stokes
Nick Hicks-Beach