Help! My Supply Teacher Is Magic

Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic

Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic
Radio Times
Review by:
Geoff Ellis

Do you think you’d be able to tell if your teacher started doing tricks in the classroom? What would you think if pages of books turned themselves or a teaching assistant levitated? Four undercover performers work their magic in this new series. Ian Stirling introduces the action, which also features tricks and games that you can learn to perform at home.

About this programme

CBBC have sent four of the UK's hottest magicians back to school to trick and amaze the pupils. This time they're in disguise as they pretend to be supply teachers to teach some surprising magical lessons to the unsuspecting pupils. The show will also teach children how to do tricks to fool their friends, and presenter - CBBC's Iain Stirling - will choose his favourite Wannabe Wizard from footage sent in by the viewers. Also, the audience at home can join in with the Interactive Illusion and members of the public will get to see our magicians on the street Up Close and Magical. In this episode, our magician Katherine goes undercover in a Year 4 class to give them a lesson that will raise standards as she literally levitates! John ruins a teacher's shoe and then reboots it with a trick to knock your socks off, and to play along at home with the Interactive Illusion you need a 5p, a 10p, a 20p and a 50p.