Hawaii Five-0

Series 2 - 3. Kame'e (The Hero)

Kame'e (The Hero)
Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

Actor Terry O’Quinn must love those Hawaiian jungles, otherwise why else would Joe White (aka The Man Formerly Known as John Locke) have received a transfer to the islands? The benefit for us is that he’s now available to offer Steve McGarrett his sage-like wisdom, which tonight involves disputing a verdict of suicide on the death of a Navy SEAL. Good job too as it soon turns out to be a case of murder most horrid.

It’s about time someone brought some brains to the squad — Steve may be no slouch when it comes to the action (nifty Moonraker-style skydive this evening), but he’s not exactly Sherlock in the sleuthing stakes. So far, I’m liking the cut of Joe’s jib.

About this programme

3/23. The team reinvestigates the death of Navy Seal member Max Garcia after Joe White raises suspicions about the original verdict of suicide. Meanwhile, Chin Ho grows concerned about the company Kono has been keeping since being kicked off the force. Guest starring William Baldwin.

Cast and crew


Steve McGarrett
Alex O'Loughlin
Danny `Danno” Williams
Scott Caan
Chin Ho Kelly
Daniel Dae Kim
Kono Kalakaua
Grace Park
Joe White
Terry O'Quinn
Max Bergman
Masi Oka
Lori Weston
Lauren German
Capt Vince Fryer
Tom Sizemore
Sam Denning
Richard T Jones