American Dad!

Series 8 - 1. Hot Water

Hot Water
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Singer/songwriter and record producer Cee Lo Green himself introduces the first episode in season eight of Seth MacFarlane’s under-rated animated satire, before we hear his mellow tones as the voice of a singing hot-tub.

CIA agent and American idiot Stan Smith (MacFarlane) is persuaded to buy one to help soothe his back after a car accident. But the bubbling water and the sexy tunes galvanise his libido to the delight of his grateful wife Francine. Stan becomes obsessed and soon his family life starts to slip away. It’s all very silly but there’s a wicked spoof of one of those terrible, sick-making R & B videos.

About this programme

1/18. Stan decides to alleviate the stresses of his hectic family life by buying a hot-tub. However, he fails to count on his new purchase having an evil agenda of its own. Animated comedy, with the voice of show creator Seth MacFarlane.

Cast and crew


Stan Smith
Seth MacFarlane

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