Desperate Housewives

Series 8 - 2. Making the Connection

Making the Connection
Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

“We’re never going back to normal!” states Carlos angrily. And he’s right because he and most of the Housewives are overwhelmed with guilt over their part in the murder of Alejandro and the subsequent cover-up. Only Gaby and Lynette, who is actually more concerned with her separation from Tom than any blood on her hands, seem able to move on.

Inevitably it’s a slower episode than last week with most of the emphasis on the Mary Alice-style blackmail note Bree found in her mailbox.

About this programme

2/23. Susan discovers a thrilling way to help ease her guilt over her role in Alejandro's murder, and Gabrielle plans a surprise to help Carlos return to his old self. Meanwhile, Lynette and Tom vie for the affections of their children as their marriage woes continue, Bree learns an interesting fact about Chuck's past, and Renee tries to win the affections of neighbour Ben.

Cast and crew


Lynette Scavo
Felicity Huffman
Gabrielle Solis
Eva Longoria
Susan Delfino
Teri Hatcher
Bree Van de Kamp
Marcia Cross
Tom Scavo
Doug Savant
Carlos Solis
Ricardo Antonio Chavira
Mike Delfino
James Denton
Mary Alice Young
Brenda Strong
Juanita Solis
Madison De La Garza
Parker Scavo
Joshua Logan Moore
Renee Perry
Vanessa Williams
Penny Scavo
Darcy Rose Byrnes
Det Chuck Vance
Jonathan Cake
Paul Young
Mark Moses