Murder, She Wrote

Series 3 - 17. Simon Says, Colour Me Dead

About this programme

17/22. Jessica attends a dinner party thrown by a famous artist, who is found dead the following morning. As the police arrest his maid for the crime, Cabot Cove's resident sleuth sets out to paint a picture of what really happened on that fateful night - and take the accused woman out of the frame. Angela Lansbury stars, with Tom Bosley, William Windom and Dick Sargent.

Cast and crew


Jessica Fletcher
Angela Lansbury
George Selby
Dick Sargent
Sheriff Amos Tupper
Tom Bosley
Dr Seth Hazlitt
William Windom
Irene Rutledge
Tess Harper
Eleanor Thane
Diane Baker
Cash Logan
Steve Inwood


Walter Grauman
Robert E Swanson