Escape to the Country

Series 12 - 3. North Devon

North Devon
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Jane Rackham

So far this week we’ve visited Lancashire, Oxfordshire and Carmarthenshire, in the company of various people who are hoping to relocate to the countryside. Their budgets have ranged from £300,000 to £650,000 and they’ve all wanted something different from their move.

Today, presenter Alistair Appleton helps a retired couple with £500,000 to spend to find a property in north Devon (and manages to fit in a spot of mussel fishing on the River Exe along the way). But when Appleton shows them the “mystery” house, always designed to surprise and delight, it almost leaves them speechless.

About this programme

3/75. Alistair Appleton helps a retired couple find a property in north Devon with their £500,000 budget, but the mystery house almost leaves them speechless. The presenter also goes to the River Exe for a spot of mussel fishing.

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Alistair Appleton


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Adrian Padmore
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Karen Richardson

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