Body of Proof

Series 2 - 1. Love Thy Neighbour

Love Thy Neighbour
Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

There’s a knowing moment in this opener to season two in which ME Megan Hunt (former Desperate Housewife Dana Delany) scans a row of suburban houses and says, “I used to live in a cul-de-sac like this. Nothing is ever what it seems.” The medical examiner is in town because a local man has been killed in a car crash. Pretty soon, Megan has found blood on the picket fences, swingers in the bedroom and handcuffs in the drawers. Par for the course for an ex-resident of Wisteria Lane, surely?

About this programme

1/20. Megan's investigation into a fatal car crash reveals that all is not well in a seemingly perfect neighbourhood. Looking beyond the outward veneer of respectability, she finds infidelity, deception and murder lurking beneath the surface. Crime drama, starring Dana Delany.

Cast and crew


Megan Hunt
Dana Delany
Kate Murphy
Jeri Ryan
Bud Morris
John Carroll Lynch
Peter Dunlop
Nicholas Bishop
Samantha Baker
Sonja Sohn
Ethan Gross
Geoffrey Arend
Curtis Brumfield
Windell D Middlebrooks
Lacey Fleming
Mary Mouser
Todd Fleming
Jeffrey Nordling
Andrea Davidson
Joelle Carter
Kevin Kaiser
Derek Phillips
Vicki Hemington
Danielle Bisutti
Bill Hemington
Christopher Wiehl
Ted Banning
Rick Fox


Executive Producer
Christopher Murphey
Executive Producer
Matthew Gross
Executive Producer
Sunil Nayar