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Review by:
Alison Graham

As World Cup fever reaches its zenith, it’s a time for those with little to no interest in football to pull up the drawbridge, hide in the living room and get lost in a good detective series until the fuss dies down. So lucky for us ITV3 is repeating both series of the stately, clever Endeavour. Sean Evans, rather than just doing a pale imitation of Morse, gave us a new detective, a fully formed, independent character quite distinct from his older self as created by John Thaw.

We start with the pilot – it’s Oxford in 1965, Morse is a young detective and there are clues to the nature of the man we came to know and love: Madame Butterfly on the record player, his squeamishness about blood… His boss, DI Thursday (the great Roger Allam) gives Morse a career-making opportunity, an investigation into the murder of a teenager.

About this programme

Shaun Evans steps into the shoes of John Thaw in this 1965-set prequel to Inspector Morse, playing a younger version of the cerebral detective involved in the hunt for a missing schoolgirl. Soon deep in a full-blown murder investigation, Endeavour is sidelined, discredited and at a dead end - so he risks all to begin his own quest for justice. Roger Allam and Charlie Creed-Miles co-star in the mystery.

Cast and crew


DC Endeavour Morse
Shaun Evans
DI Fred Thursday
Roger Allam
Teddy Samuels
Charlie Creed-Miles
DS Arthur Lott
Danny Webb
Richard Lovell
Patrick Malahide
Dorothea Frazil
Abigail Thaw
John Light
Dr Rowan Stromming
Richard Lintern
Rosalind Stromming
Flora Montgomery
DC Ian McLeash
Jack Ashton
Dr Max Debryn
James Bradshaw
Miles Percival
Harry Kershaw
Mary Tremlett
Rachael Heaton
Brian St Clair
Michael Matus
Sharon Veelie
Emma Stansfield
DCS Crisp
Terence Harvey
Valerie Quillen
Holly Ridley
Anne Porter
Lisa Backwell
Miss Sylvia Tench
Jenna Harrison
Jenny Edwards
Daisy Head
Brian Lomax
Sam Reid
Stan Tremlett
Ian Gelder
Alexander Reece
Christopher Brandon
Mrs Crabbin
Maggie Ollerenshaw
Johnny Franks
Jamie Blackley


Colm McCarthy
Executive Producer
Michele Buck
Executive Producer
Damien Timmer
Executive Producer
Rebecca Eaton
Dan McCulloch
Russell Lewis