Bear Grylls: Born Survivor

Series 6 - 1. Arizona Sky Islands

Arizona Sky Islands
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Review by:
Gill Crawford

Just when you think the new series has started with a tame episode – Bear’s in the Arizona desert and his hardest job is to locate water in some cliffs – our rugged adventurer pulls something characteristically unpleasant out of his hat. It’s under a bush, it’s been left there by a mountain lion, and you just know his producers said, “Go on, Bear, you can eat that.” I don’t envy him.

The rest of the time it’s a real Boy’s Own adventure in which he tries an unusual means of parachuting, and knocks up a dune buggy from what’s left of a parachute and the wreckage of a microlight. But his solution for staying safe from wildlife at night even gives him pause for thought.

About this programme

1/6. Former Special Forces adventurer Bear Grylls demonstrates how to survive in Arizona, where the environment varies from scorching hot deserts to freezing mountain terrain.

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