Law & Order: UK

Series 6 - 1. Survivor's Guilt

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

Bad news for Jamie Bamber fans: his character DS Devlin hasn’t survived the bullets in the chest he took at the end of last series. His replacement, DS Sam Casey, is played by similarly bland-but-handsome Paul Nicholls, so the dynamic of the series looks safe. Sam is brought in to investigate Matt’s death, which has left a tormented Ronnie teetering on the edge of a whisky glass, after years as a reformed alcoholic.

It’s a typically clockwork procedural but Ronnie’s anguish adds a new dimension. As for newcomer Sam, the jury’s still out.

About this programme

1/7. DS Sam Casey, a young officer with a strong sense of justice, is brought in to investigate the shooting of Devlin outside the Old Bailey, and is surprised to learn the gunman was specifically targeting police officers. The case sees the whole team emotionally spent, with the trial itself at risk of being derailed by a politically driven defence lawyer (Colin Salmon) with an axe to grind. Crime drama, starring Bradley Walsh, Freema Agyeman and Paul Nicholls, who joins the cast.

Cast and crew


Ronnie Brooks
Bradley Walsh
Sam Casey
Paul Nicholls
Natalie Chandler
Harriet Walter
Jacob Thorne
Dominic Rowan
Alesha Phillips
Freema Agyeman
Henry Sharpe
Peter Davison
Doug Greer
Colin Salmon
Paulette Clarkson
Josette Simon
Mark Ellis
Charles Mnene
Jamal Clarkson
John Boyega
Justice Pedotti
Ken Drury
Jessica Gunning
Joy Ackroyd
Nicola Sanderson
Dave Howndon
Paul Pariser
Dennis Thomas
Inel Tomlinson
Dr Jeanette Bamton
Victoria Gould
Niamh Devlin-Ward
Stephanie Langton
Peter G Reed
Will Homerton
Brendan O'Hea
Gail Bernard
Lesley Vickerage


Andy Goddard
Executive Producer
Dick Wolf
Executive Producer
Andrew Woodhead
Executive Producer
Stephen Garrett
Executive Producer
Jane Featherstone
Richard Stokes
Emilia di Girolamo