Frozen Planet

Series 1 - 7. Frozen Planet Christmas Special

Frozen Planet Christmas Special
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

If your central heating thermostat is on the austerity setting, try this for cosiness. One glimpse of polar bear cubs curled up next to their mother inside a snowy den delivers more furry snugness than a sack of cashmere sweaters. One aerial shot of wolves bringing down bison in the snow or penguins huddling in a blizzard should be enough to put the post-Christmas blues in perspective. Failing that, this greatest hits package gives us the chance simply to enjoy again the bewitching animals and spectacular scenery – the forests shrouded in snow and that terrible, alien seascape under the ice.

About this programme

7/7. Highlights of the recent series in which David Attenborough takes viewers on a spectacular journey through the polar year, from the depths of winter to the melting world of the summer. In the south, spring begins for the male Adelie penguins as they build nests and attract mates, then in the following season the parents struggle to raise their chicks before the big freeze of autumn. In the north, tiny polar bear cubs begin their lives under the snow. Will the youngsters survive as the ice melts beneath their feet?

Cast and crew


David Attenborough


Series Producer
Vanessa Berlowitz