Series 2 - 1. A Scandal in Belgravia

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

It says something about Sherlock that a repeat of the second-series opener is one of the biggest things on TV tonight. But then, normal rules don’t apply to these pulsating capers that flatter our intelligence. No spoon-feeding allowed. It’s all laser-tipped dialogue, gymnastic plotting, super-stylish direction and performances that crackle and hum.

A Scandal in Belgravia starts with a glorious gag to unhitch the cliffhanger from the first series, then whisks into a plot about Irene Adler, a society dominatrix who finds emotional bondage with our hero.

The cast are flat-out superb, not least Lara Pulver as “The Woman”. The storyline finds room for nudity at Buckingham Palace, a ghostly jumbo jet, a crucial cameraphone, the CIA and any number of neat little puzzles and twists. If you’ve never seen it, you’re in for a treat.

About this programme

1/3. Holmes and Watson investigate a case of blackmail threatening to topple the monarchy and uncover links with international terrorism, rogue CIA agents and a conspiracy at the heart of government. However, the Baker Street sleuth finds himself involved on a more personal level when he becomes locked in a battle of wits with Irene Adler, a woman who is as cold, ruthless and brilliant as himself. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star in the award-winning drama, with Lara Pulver and Mark Gatiss.

Cast and crew


Sherlock Holmes
Benedict Cumberbatch
Dr John Watson
Martin Freeman
Mrs Hudson
Una Stubbs
DI Lestrade
Rupert Graves
Mycroft Holmes
Mark Gatiss
Jim Moriarty
Andrew Scott
Molly Hooper
Louise Brealey
Irene Adler
Lara Pulver
DI Carter
Danny Webb
The Equerry
Andrew Havill
Todd Boyce
Oona Chaplin
Nathan Harmer
Rosalind Halstead
Peter Pedrero


Paul McGuigan
Executive Producer
Mark Gatiss
Executive Producer
Steven Moffat
Sue Vertue
Steven Moffat