Series 1 - 11. Original Sin

Original Sin

About this programme

11/11. Rosen's daughter Danielle encounters Isaac Hale, who tries to obtain a data storage device in her possession, and after tracing it to a disused factory, Sullivan launches an assault that results in many casualties. Rosen tries to prevent the imminent war by revealing the existence of Alphas to the world, and Gary learns more about Stanton Parish, who offers a greater knowledge of Alpha biology - for a price. Last in the series.

Cast and crew


Dr Lee Rosen
David Strathairn
Gary Bell
Ryan Cartwright
Cameron Hicks
Warren Christie
Rachel Pirzad
Azita Ghanizada
Nina Theroux
Laura Mennell
Bill Harken
Malik Yoba
Kathy Sullivan
Valerie Cruz
Stanton Parish
John Pyper-Ferguson
Danielle Rosen
Kathleen Munroe
Liane Balaban


Nick Copus
Executive Producer
Jack Bender
Executive Producer
Gail Berman
Executive Producer
Lloyd Braun
Executive Producer
Michael Chamony
Executive Producer
Zak Penn