Midsomer Murders

Series 14 - 5. The Sleeper Under the Hill

The Sleeper Under the Hill
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

After a low-key half-hour, Barnaby and Jones’s latest case thickens into something murky. A well-to-do farmer is found carved up on the “blood stone” of an ancient stone circle. It lay on his land and he was planning to plough around it — much to the fury of some local druids, who naturally fall under suspicion. As does the shifty poacher who found the body. Are they harmless oddballs or something more sinister?

For help, Barnaby turns to an art lover who collects forged paintings (Robert Pugh) and a friend of Jones’s in the local force. Look out for the scene where Barnaby turns Errol Flynn with a fencing teacher at the country club — it doesn’t suit him.

About this programme

5/8. Farmer Alex Preston is found dead at the sacred Crowcall stone circle in Midsomer Mow. Suspicion initially falls on local druids led by high priests Ezra Canning and Leticia Clifford, since Preston's plans to plough Gorse Meadow would have barred their access to the site. Barnaby and Jones are joined by new pathologist Kate Wilding to investigate, and as the case wears on, the inspector becomes convinced greed rather than spiritualism is the motive. Starring Neil Dudgeon, Jason Hughes and Tamzin Malleson.

Cast and crew


DCI John Barnaby
Neil Dudgeon
DS Ben Jones
Jason Hughes
Sarah Barnaby
Fiona Dolman
Kate Wilding
Tamzin Malleson
Sgt Trevor Gibson
Lee Ross
Evan Jago
Richard Leaf
Leticia Clifford
Susan Brown
Ezra Canning
Alan Williams
Caradoc Singer
Robert Pugh
Eleanor Preston
Claudia Harrison
Aidan Hardy
Noah Huntley
Alex Preston
Justin Shevlin
Colin Tarrant


Nick Laughland
Brian True-May
David Lawrence