Would I Lie to You?

Series 5 - Episode 2

Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

Terry Wogan is on the panel this evening, so you know it’s only a matter of time before host Rob Brydon employs his scarily accurate impersonation of the great broadcaster. But he’s not the only one present with a facility for accents, as comedian Kevin Bridges proves when he drops his Scottish brogue quicker than you can say “John Barrowman”.

As ever, though, it’s the forensic cross-examinations that make the show, particularly those directed at Sir Terry, who has to convince the opposing team that he performs minor acts of arson for kicks and begins his Christmas Day celebrations in a most unorthodox manner. You’ll also get a strange buzz when he says the words “blank” and “blanks” again after so many years.

About this programme

2/9. Team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack are joined by guests Robert Webb, Terry Wogan, Katy Wix and Kevin Bridges on the panel show. Rob Brydon chairs as the contestants try to hoodwink their opponents with absurd facts and plausible lies about themselves.

Cast and crew


Rob Brydon
Team Captain
David Mitchell
Team Captain
Lee Mack
Kevin Bridges
Robert Webb
Terry Wogan
Katy Wix


Executive Producer
Peter Holmes
Executive Producer
Ruth Phillips
Series Producer
Rachel Ablett