Law & Order: Los Angeles

Series 1 - 2. Echo Park

Echo Park

About this programme

2/22. A woman who suffered a miscarriage of justice during an arson case goes on trial for murdering her abusive former cellmate, and the case could have embarrassing repercussions for Winters' wife, a retired police officer who was one of the detectives who helped place the accused behind bars.

Cast and crew


Det Tomas `TJ' Jaruszalski
Corey Stoll
Deputy DA Ricardo Morales
Alfred Molina
Det Rex Winters
Skeet Ulrich
Arleen Gonzales
Rachel Ticotin
Evelyn Price
Regina Hall
Deputy DA Jonah `Joe' Dekker
Terrence Howard
Connie Rubirosa
Alana De La Garza
Lauren Stanton
Megan Boone


Executive Producer
Dick Wolf