Diagnosis Murder

Series 5 - 14. Retribution - Part Two

Retribution - Part Two

About this programme

14/25. Part two of two. Steve races to prove his father's innocence by finding the real culprit in the Ganza murder, convinced Malcolm Trainor is the man responsible for the crime. Medical detective drama, starring Barry and Dick Van Dyke.

Cast and crew


Dr Mark Sloan
Dick Van Dyke
Dr Amanda Bentley
Victoria Rowell
Lt Steve Sloan
Barry Van Dyke
Dr Jesse Travis
Charlie Schlatter
Police Chief Masters
Fred Dryer
Tanis Archer
Susan Gibney
Ian Trainor
James Stephens
Ross Canin
Neal McDonough
Malcolm Trainor
Dennis Lipscomb
Michael Bailey Smith
Harvey Mittlebaum
Robb Skyler
Morgana Rae