Fraud Squad

Series 1 - Episode 2

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

There is a richly satisfying bit of door bashing-in as the City of London Police’s economic crime unit run a fraudster to ground in his flat. But, as with just about everything else involved in this huge, “boiler-room” scam, there isn’t a straightforward conclusion.

In the final episode of this excellent crime documentary, we see George Abrue, the man responsible for orchestrating a fake shares fraud, finally in handcuffs. For the victims, though, there is little justice. They lost £20 million, but because the gang dribbled money away on fancy lifestyles, the police have seized just £1 million in assets. Says one rueful police officer: “It’s over, it’s finished [for the victims]. They will live in poverty.”

About this programme

2/2. Part two of two. Detectives continue their investigation into one of Britain's biggest share frauds and discover the extravagant lifestyle the gang members lead during the operation to arrest money launderer Babatunde Aluko. In Spain, officers try to recover the stolen money for the victims, and ringleader George Abrue is finally caught and extradited back to Britain from Sweden. Narrated by Richard Armitage.

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Richard Armitage


Tom Anstiss
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Paul Hamann
Tom Anstiss
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Tom Anstiss