Series 19 - 46. You Need Friends

About this programme

46/48. Maggie's father agrees to move into a care home after a fall leaves him hospitalised. Selena starts her first day back at work following her attack, Guppy accuses Harry of being involved in the medical trial, and Claire puts a present in Luke's car, where she discovers the VHS tape containing CCTV footage of Bex pushing Pete down the stairs.

Cast and crew


Kelsey Phillips
Janine Mellor
Gurpreet `Guppy' Sandhu
Elyes Gabel
Harry Harper
Simon MacCorkindale
Maggie Coldwell
Susan Cookson
Selena Donovan
Elizabeth Carling
Sam Bateman
Luke Bailey
Tess Bateman
Suzanne Packer
Claire Guildford
Leanne Wilson
Luke Warren
Matthew Wait
John `Abs' Denham
James Redmond
Nina Farr
Rebekah Gibbs
Woody Joyner
Will Thorp
Comfort Newton
Martina Laird
Ellen Zitek
Georgina Bouzova
Elsa McVey
Melanie Ramsay
Sue Tye
Sheila Whitfield
Mark Ahere
Marlon Bulger
Peggy Aherne
Marji Campi
Kenny Groome
Francis Tucker
Jeanette Groome
Louise Bush
Paul Lyall
Chris Lennard
Stan Powell
Jack Smethurst
Joanne Coldwell
Jane Riley
Security guard
Amantha Edmead


Murilo Pasta
Jane Hudson
Jo O'Keefe