Series 1 - 2. Driven

Radio Times
Review by:
Jack Seale

It's hard to overestimate the sheer bravery of the participants in this series. Mental illness is, sadly, such a taboo in society that to be filmed being treated for it is a huge step. The result is a programme that more than any before challenges stereotypes and shows, simultaneously, how terrifying psychological conditions can be; and that those suffering them are not dangerous aliens, but people just like you and me.

Tonight, the professionals at the short-stay emergency ward at Lambeth Hospital deal with a high-flying father of four who has just attempted suicide, and a drama student with schizoaffective disorder. The staff have to decide whether the patients can be made stable enough to return home, or if a longer stay on a psychiatric ward is required.

About this programme

2/6. Ryan tries to uncover the identity of the basement ghost when Leah returns home to find tyre marks and her cat dead in the kitchen. He discovers that it was used as cells in the former asylum, but learns that his neighbour is also harbouring a dark secret. Guest starring 2010 Strictly Come Dancing champion Kara Tointon.

Cast and crew


Ryan McAllister
Will Young
Kate Bettany
Charlotte Salt
Molly Lucas
Ashley Madekwe
Jed Harper
Theo James
Warren Bettany
Hugo Speer
Leah Cole
Kara Tointon
Juliet Oldfied
Sean Maguire
Mr Mackay
Philip Broadbent
Mrs Mackay
Hayley Mason


John Strickland