Doctor Who

Series 6 - 12. Closing Time

Radio Times
Review by:
Mark Braxton

One of the unexpected delights of Matt Smith’s first series at the Tardis controls was seeing funnyman James Corden play it straight, a trick that brought out the comedian in Smith. Writer Gareth Roberts revives their pairing in his triumphant sequel to The Lodger.

With time running out for the Doctor, he goes in search of some hug therapy. So he visits his old mate Craig Owens (Corden), now settled with Sophie but all fingers and thumbs when it comes to looking after his baby boy. Bonding over buggies and babygrows, the friends try to put the world to rights — a task that assumes more gravity with their discovery of a sinister Cyber-incursion in Colchester.

It’s part buddy caper, part domestic sitcom, and utterly magical Doctor Who. Closing Time is liberally sprinkled with little grace notes that really nail the Time Lord’s love of the human race. And one lump-in-the-throat scene that has nothing to do with the story will take you by surprise.

About this programme

12/13. The date of the Doctor's death approaches, and in the last few days of his life he decides to pay a visit to his old friend Craig Owens (James Corden). However, when people begin to go missing and a mysterious silver rat appears in a department store, the Time Lord is drawn into an encounter with one of his oldest foes. Sci-fi drama, starring Matt Smith.

Cast and crew


The Doctor
Matt Smith
Amy Pond
Karen Gillan
Rory Williams
Arthur Darvill
Craig Owens
James Corden
River Song
Alex Kingston
Madame Kovarian
Frances Barber
Daisy Haggard
Seroca Davis
Holli Dempsey
Chris Obi
Lynda Baron


Steve Hughes
Denise Paul
Gareth Roberts