Would I Lie to You?

Series 5 - Episode 3

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

Did ever a panel game generate so much pure, simple comedy pleasure with apparently so little effort? Tonight, most of the claims that guests are required to make are laughably implausible. But the laughable bit is what matters. As Lee Mack keeps up the pretence that he can tell someone’s head size just by looking at it, or Katherine Parkinson maintains that when she was 15 she thought Wombles were real, the laughs tumble in thick and fast – particularly when David Mitchell goes off on a flight of fancy about how Uncle Bulgaria got his glasses.

Louie Spence adds a brilliantly lewd edge to proceedings, and there are unexpected twists on the usual running gags, as Mitchell accuses Mack of intellectual snobbery (yes, that way round) and Mack wonders if Mitchell might actually shop at Argos.

About this programme

3/9. Comedy actress Katherine Parkinson, dance guru Louie Spence, comedian David O'Doherty and breakfast news presenter Bill Turnbull join team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack on the panel show, hosted by Rob Brydon. The aim of the game is to hoodwink opponents with absurd facts and plausible lies - like whether Louie makes himself cry before every performance and if David actually is seeing a psychiatrist to cure a strange addiction.

Cast and crew


Rob Brydon
Team Captain
David Mitchell
Team Captain
Lee Mack
Katherine Parkinson
Louie Spence
David O'Doherty
Bill Turnbull


Executive Producer
Peter Holmes
Executive Producer
Ruth Phillips
Series Producer
Rachel Ablett