Series 3 - 1. The Purple Piano Project

The Purple Piano Project
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Review by:
Jack Seale

Considering it’s set in a fantasy world that hardly ever changes - actors in their 20s play uncool kids in high school, repeatedly failing to become national show choir champions - there’s a lot that’s different in this third series of the funny, happy, self-satirising musical.

The show itself has new writers and a gaggle of new cast members, four of them found by the spin-off talent show The Glee Project. Over here, Glee has moved to Sky1, whose mix of American buy-ins and original commissions is starting to draw both kudos and ratings. Glee should be terrific business for it.

In this season premiere, which only aired in the US on Tuesday, expect to see the mad dash for Congress by Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) and big storylines for two stars who have emerged from the bratty pack: Chris Colfer (Kurt) and Lea Michele (Rachel). Could this be their graduation year?

About this programme

1/22. Will tries to encourage more students to join New Directions at the beginning of the new school year, while Sue's potential career move could jeopardise the glee club's future.

Cast and crew


Will Schuester
Matthew Morrison
Rachel Berry
Lea Michele
Finn Hudson
Cory Monteith
Sue Sylvester
Jane Lynch
Emma Pillsbury
Jayma Mays
Terri Schuester
Jessalyn Gilsig
Kurt Hummel
Chris Colfer
Mercedes Jones
Amber Riley
Artie Abrams
Kevin McHale
Tina Cohen-Chang
Jenna Ushkowitz
Noah `Puck' Puckerman
Mark Salling
Quinn Fabray
Dianna Agron