Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Series 3 - 18. Ill-Bred

About this programme

18/21. A stable worker resorts to smuggling, deception, extortion and murder in the hope of financing the purchase of a farm to put him on the first rung of the social ladder in the equestrian world. Detective drama, starring Vincent D'Onofrio.

Cast and crew


Det Robert Goren
Vincent D'Onofrio
Det Alexandra Eames
Kathryn Erbe
Capt James Deakins
Jamey Sheridan
ADA Ron Carver
Courtney B Vance
Paige Mullen
Dana Eskelson
Marguerite Townsend
Bronwen Booth
James Townsend
Mark Pinter
Dr Zachary Reeves
Drew McVety
Dale Mullen
Frederick Weller
Neil McClintock
Rufus Collins
Molly Sims
Tari Signor
Luke Blansfield
Doug Barron


Steve Shill
Executive Producer
Dick Wolf
Executive Producer
Rene Balcer
Executive Producer
Peter Jankowski
Jim Sterling