Quincy ME

Series 2 - 5. The Two Sides of Truth

The Two Sides of Truth

About this programme

5/13. A tricky case involving homicide and insurance fraud puts Quincy at loggerheads with the country's leading pathology expert - who also happens to be his oldest adversary. However, the sleuth is upset to realise his rival is simply selling his expertise to the highest bidder. Jack Klugman stars.

Cast and crew


Dr Quincy
Jack Klugman
Lt Frank Monahan
Garry Walberg
Dr Robert Asten
John S Ragin
Danny Tovo
Val Bisoglio
Sam Fujiyama
Robert Ito
Sgt Brill
Joseph Roman
Dr Herbert Stone
Barry Sullivan
Attorney Martin Borland
Mark Goddard
William Farrell
Michael Callan


Ron Satlof
Gene Thompson