New Tricks

Series 8 - 9. Half Life

Half Life
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Review by:
David Brown

Murder victim Christopher Collins appears to be a man with no past. The only thing that’s known about him is that, six months before his death, he was stripping gearboxes while working as a mechanic at a garage. So what’s the reason for the lack of information? The answer could well lie with a major drug smuggler, who Collins once testified against.

Also preoccupying the team this week are looming budget cuts in the police force. Brian and Gerry fear Ucos could be hit and Sandra’s finding that DAC Strickland is proving to be just as elusive as the job history of their corpse. Will she get any answers?

About this programme

9/10. The team reinvestigates the murder of a man found in an alleyway seven years previously when he is identified on a website covering unexplained disappearances. The victim is named by a woman whose husband hired him six months before his death, but neither of them had thought anything of it when their employee went missing - and seem to know little about him. Meanwhile, Brian and Gerry are distracted by looming job cuts and fear that Ucos could be downsized. With Robert Daws and Claudie Blakley.

Cast and crew


Brian Lane
Alun Armstrong
Jack Halford
James Bolam
Sandra Pullman
Amanda Redman
Gerry Standing
Dennis Waterman
DAC Robert Strickland
Anthony Calf
Esther Lane
Susan Jameson
Lisa Carlisle
Claudie Blakley
John Carlisle
Robert Daws
Derek `Smiley' Robinson
Chris Ellison
Jason Hibbert
Adam G Goodwin
Alice West
Hayley Jane Standing
DI Matthew Hornby
Rufus Wright
Anthony Walters
Nicholas Beveney
Andrew Hughes
Alex Lowe
David Crawley
Jonathan Aris
Caroline Robinson
Sheryl Gannaway


Tim Whitby
Keith Thompson
Ollie Brown