Town with Nicholas Crane

Episode 2. Scarborough

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Mark Braxton

Is our host homesick already? After last week’s stay in landlocked Ludlow, Crane returns to the fringes of Britain that he became famous for exploring in Coast — for a bracing stroll around Scarborough.

In this much more structured outing, Nick nails the Yorkshire resort’s Viking origins and illustrates the dangers of glacial till. One grabby sequence shows his ardour for this new series about urban reinvention: after talking to the man behind a controversial and risky art installation, Crane reverses his attitude towards it. He’s clearly listened — not something that all presenters do.

There’s also plenty of comedy, as Crane topples off his surfboard, tries
a spot of coach-building and takes a winter plunge, sporting garish trunks.

About this programme

Geographer and adventurer Nicholas Crane continues his tour with a visit Scarborough in North Yorkshire, formerly home to the largest fish fair in Western Europe, and the first seaside resort to attract holiday-makers from around the UK. In addition to finding out what has happened to the town since its heyday, he discovers how it is starting to prosper once again.

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